Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Dutch Street

© Au Coin De Ma Rue

Op Zijn Nederlands!
For those who don't speak Dutch... Well, i believe there are number of online dictionaries at your disposal... Only joking, only joking.
Op zijn Nederlands, means "The Dutch Way", loosely translated of course.
And this is appropriate seeing as one of the hottest the new street fashion blog hails from Amsterdam.
Saxophone please (i don't like drum rolls anymore)
Au coin de ma rue is the brainchild of a very fashionable lady who lives somewhere between Amsterdam and Brussels, and perhaps even tends to a garden or two, seeing as goes by the name of "tuinwoman"= garden woman!
i like.
What also speaks to be is the french feel and title which means "On the street corner".
I seem to be acting as a translator today, i do beg your pardon!
To the matter at hand: The images! I see them to be as much about the person as they are about the ensembles. What i also find fitting is how there are two frames, with each one focusing on one particular aspect of the outfit.
i like it

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